12 Shades Water Color Cake+Brush



Introducing our vibrant and versatile 12 Shades Watercolor Cake Set, the perfect companion for artists of all levels! Unleash your creativity with this exquisite collection of watercolor pigments that promise to bring your imagination to life.

Each compact set features 12 brilliant and highly-pigmented watercolor cakes, carefully curated to provide a diverse spectrum of colors. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, these watercolors offer smooth, consistent application, allowing you to effortlessly blend and layer to achieve the perfect hue.

The convenient and portable design of the set makes it easy to take your artistic endeavors wherever inspiration strikes. Included is a high-quality brush, ensuring precision and control as you paint. From subtle washes to bold strokes, this set empowers you to explore a multitude of techniques with ease.

The watercolor cakes are housed in a sturdy and durable case, keeping your colors organized and protected. Elevate your artistry and add a splash of creativity to your work with our 12 Shades Watercolor Cake Set. Unleash the artist in you and paint your world with a kaleidoscope of colors!


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